#36 – September 21, 2017 – Mitti Seva – Part2!

Dear Friends,
Part 2 of the Mitti Seva blog features photos of sevadars at work on various projects. Although the afternoon rain storm prevented some seva work, lots of work got done.
Picking up branches and sticks in the parking lot provided seva for many volunteers. The wood was placed in a pile that will be burned later. {CAPTION}

Sevadars picking up sticks … and dancing for joy! {CAPTION}

The stick pile is getting larger, but still lots of sticks to pick up. {CAPTION}

Another group had the task of creating a plan for building a small bridge across the creek, so that hikers will be able to explore along the Chippewa River. Perhaps the bridge will be built next summer. {CAPTION}

These sevadars are cheerfully carving out a new loop on Master’s River Trail through the Wisconsin forest. This trail winds through the woods from the Dome site to the Chippewa River. {CAPTION}

These courageous sevadars braved the rain to install the ISHA sign! {CAPTION}

The new ISHA mailbox was installed along Highway 40. {CAPTION}

Another task was to paint the new sheds “ISHA blue,” but the job was postponed on account of rain. {CAPTION}

Ishwar says farewell for now to his friends. {CAPTION}

With warmest regards,
Paul Bauer
Chair of ISHA Building Fund-Raising Committee