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Letter 1

Please can I ask some questions that are creating a block in my prayers and receptiveness to God. One a few of your links I am following your advise by not blindly following.

Please can you tell me stories of The Great Master Baba Sawa Singh Ji in terms of having other worldly powers that could have only have come from God, in other words reading peoples minds, curing people of illnesses, communicating with other Gurus long gone.
Everything can be explained without god, the big bang theory, the evolution of human species from apes. Why is it that so many fantastic stories exist of gurus in the past and miracles they did, however nowadays stories of these fantastic powers are not heard, is it because these stories are false.
God is everywhere but cannot be seen anywhere. If man was created by God in his own image but man is so imperfect, for instance man has killed millions upon millions of fellow humans. How can god create something so imperfect if god is so perfect?
Why when trying to connect to the third eye it is so hard, is this because it does not exist? Thank You.

Ishwar's Reply

Thanks for your mail. Everything that we can experience in meditation cannot be explained by the Big Bang theory or the Evolution of human beings from apes etc. indeed these theories are being questioned by scientists themselves. For example the Big Bang theory asserts that both time and space (which cannot be separated being part of a single continuum of time-space) both began with the Big Bang about fourteen and a half billion years ago. The puzzling question with scientists today is if there was no space or time where and when did the Big Bang take place unless there was an earlier Big Bang that created the time and space for the current one.

Similarly Darwin's Theory of evolution placed homo-sapiens coming much later than the recent fossils of human beings found in Africa by Dr Leaky and his team.
Science cannot explain compressed time which can hold millions of years of events in a few seconds or indeed even in zero time and yet that can be experienced in meditation. Creation of an imperfect man and an imperfect world seems to be the best way to experience the perfection of the Creator since we observe all things in pairs of opposites. Perfect Living Masters do not come to show worldly miracles rather their mission is to take us beyond the mind to our True Home.

You can call the Creator as God or Totality of Consciousness or any other term it does not matter, but realizing that state is a genuine possibility through meditation.

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 2

Thank you Mahraj Ishwar Puri Ji for taking the time to reply. I am honored to have
received a reply as I am only starting on my spiritual journey and have received an e-mail from you.

Please can I humbly ask a question please, if a kirpa is given from a true spiritual master is the kirpa so powerful that it can work on someone like me who has little faith but is seeker and tries to build their faith and also will the kirpa work if the person suffers from depression, again like me, so is the power of a spiritual master's kirpa that powerful it will shelter a devotee.
Thank you.

Ishwar's Reply

Guru Kripa leads to faith and in combination they lead to enlightenment!

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri.

Letter 3

Please may I humbly ask a question about the spiritual energy of Perfect Living Master as you have been graced by having spent time with Babaji Maharaj. If I for instance was blessed by a perfect living master but my faith was weak but building and my state of mind was in a state of deep depression would the blessing carry me through the tough and testing times. Is the power and energy that strong so as to carry a devotee through darkness into light?
I have found links to your sat snags and find them very interesting as they explain various topics, i think form a unique angle but one that informs the listener, there are many i need to go through but that is not a problem but a blessing.
Thank you for your time.

Ishwar's Reply

The Guru's power is immense! Please continue your meditation with love and devotion and seek grace from the Satguru.

With love and regards,
Ishwar Puri.

Letter 4

Please may I make a very humble request I am going through the worst time of my life and I am finding things very difficult, I have thought about taking my own life but cannot as I want to live and want to see my young children grow up.
Please can you support me please I am humbly requesting your help.

Ishwar's Reply

Continue your meditation with intense love and devotion and the blessings you are seeking will be given to you within your own self!

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 5

Do blessings work for Devotee's if their faith is very little and they put their body under so much strain? Am I allowed to build my faith and still have the blessing and does the blessing protect me whilst I have put my body under so much pressure. Please does my spiritual master know I am going through all this I will not be punished?

Ishwar's Reply

In your prayers please ask for forgiveness and love and devotion to your Master! Perfect Living Masters always listen to prayers and help their initiates.

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 6

How can I find Perfect Living Master and how to determine is He the Perfect Living Master?

Ishwar's Reply

Thanks for your letter regarding finding a Perfect Living Master! I do not suggest any names of Perfect Living Masters to anybody because a Master comes for His marked souls and is not necessarily a Master for everybody!

My advice to all seekers is to follow a Master who pulls them with His unconditional love which is so powerful that even a doubting mind cannot resist it! But just a word of caution: A Perfect Living Master never claims to be a Master so you can easily rule such claimants out of your short list.

With love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 7

Most dear Ishwar Ji,

Yesterday I watched a talk you gave in London, you said that a Perfect Living Master (PLM) lead an ordinary life and will also have sex....
I then searched in "Philosophy of the Masters" written by the Great Master and found few pages on the subject.
Baba Sawan Singh advised celibacy for celibates and self restraint for married people, for the only purpose to have child...

There are an extract from that book:
Keep the company of pure men. If you cannot meet them, contemplate lovingly on the Master. In this way, your inner dirt would be washed. Do not, therefore, permit anybody to spoil your chastity. In order to be chaste, you should avoid the company of such persons as are given to sensual enjoyments. The poison of their lustful ideas will surely affect those who come across them. You should always keep the company of pure and chaste persons. If you fail to get such company, meditate on the form of the master with love and devotion. In this manner, your inner impurities will gradually be washed out.

So, what would be the purpose to meditate on the form of a Master who is not chaste and pure, in order to protect us from lustful ideas coming from outside?

Can you please clarify?

Love and regards

Ishwar's Reply


I thought I had answered this letter of yours earlier but it has popped up again in my large pending mail. So even if I have answered this letter earlier I am going to give you a reply afresh!

All Perfect Living Masters with very few exceptions have been regular householders and family men. They have married had children and took care of their families like ordinary people. However while they produced children like any one else they did not have any lustful ideas.
Because they were not attached to any one and performed their duties towards their families they were able to maintain their integrity.

In fact Great Master Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji Himself had a large family and lived like a householder but did not show any lustful look towards any one. On the other hand He loved everybody unconditionally the mark of a True Saint and Perfect Living Master.

With love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 8

Most dear Ishwar Ji,

Thank you.... and sorry to take your precious time and attention...but not yet found the inner Master...!
I have a friend/initiate with whom we went to the meditation workshop of you (but he is not initiated by you).

Sharing with him, I found out that putting his attention on the right side sound, he could be lifted up hundreds of times above body consciousness and travel in different planes (which is not my case...) in the last 15 years . So he cannot agree with you when you say that the right side sound cannot pull us up...that they are only practice sounds...He says he had many high sounds on the right side...

Now he is down because of the troubles/disappointments with his Master (as I am too)....that's why he came to you, but do not feel with you the "charging" and "Love" as with HIM, but loves your talks...

I myself have the same soothering right sound, some times in the center, but I try to withdraw and stay in the focus anyhow...

Could you please comment?

Ishwar's Reply

The real sound that pulls us out of our body comes from within ourselves which in the wakeful state is at the eye center.

When that sound pulls us we lose awareness of right ear or left ear as we ascend to a higher state of consciousness where we get actual experiences of our Astral self. The resounding bell sound does not come from any side.

It is a sound that surrounds us because it is coming from within us. Many people have been trapped into listening to the sound from the right ear which does not have that pull and is at best just a practice sound. But extended meditation even with practice sounds or with Simran/Mantra alone have given people several dreamlike experiences which they mistake as higher experiences! Such experiences have not led them to the Radiant Form of the Master or true Astral Region which is and looks more real than the Physical experience!

Always go by your own experience and not by anybody else's experience. Continue your meditation with love and devotion and withdraw your attention to the eye
center which is the gateway to higher experiences.

With love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 9

I have a few questions to ask Master resulting from listening to the discourses.

1. When one is initiated you said that a clone of the Master is placed in him and reports back to the master. Is this clone in communication with you whether one has reached the radiant form of the Master or not reached it as yet?

2. Do you hear us when we pray and speak to you and what are the mechanics of how it works? Is it working on the system of the 'clone' as you mentioned? I ask this because for years I have prayed to different masters, gods and saintly persons having heard that they are omnipresent and hear everything. But at times that personal connection seemed to be missing and one was never quite sure if one was being heard or not.

3. When I sit for meditation I try to imagine myself above the eye centre in the head as you suggested, but I am never sure if I am doing it correctly as it is difficult for me to imagine I am there without having some sort of image coming to mind of my being there. Can you clarify or help me with a bit with this please.

Master my prayer is that you grant me love and devotion to you as I continue on the journey home in your ever loving association.

Ishwar's Reply

Here are answers to your questions:

1. The Perfect Living Master's clone works all the time even if the disciple has not manifested the Radiant Form of the Master in meditation.

2. Whenever we pray to the Master He listens. The clone does a great job!

3. When you make an image of yourself in meditation and you are looking at it you are not where the image is but rather where you are looking at it from. When you see the image ask yourself where am I seeing it from. That is the point where you actually are and so don't worry about not being able to see yourself!

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 10

Thank you for this wonderful talk. May I ask you two questions?

1. Was Jesus a perfect living master?

2. Why do some people seldom remember their dreams after waking up from sleeping while others "dream" every night?

Thank you!

Ishwar's Reply

Answers to two questions:

1. Yes he was in his time and place.

2. We all dream several times each night but the dreams that affect us in our wakeful state, either positively or negatively are the ones we remember. Some dreams are remembered for they carry a message for us.

Ishwar Puri