ISHA (Institute for the Study of Human Awareness) is a non-profit educational organization. Often referred to as ISHA, our organization was founded in the 1960’s at Harvard University by Ishwar Ji. ISHA’s purpose is to provide educational materials and guidance to individuals and other organizations interested in a better understanding of our human capacity.

ISHA resources include more than forty years of audio recordings of lectures, meetings, workshops, and special events by Ishwar Ji. The recordings have been transcribed into books in PDF format and YouTube video presentations. These resources are designed to encourage individuals to “Know Thyself” much in the manner of the Socratic theme, and to develop both our human potential and spiritual pursuits. In this way we can better understand ourselves, others, and the world in which we live.

ISHA (Institute for the Study of Human Awareness) is incorporated in the State of Minnesota and is governed by Articles of
Incorporation. ISHA has a ten-member Board of Directors that governs the organization.
Chairman of ISHA President and Director Treasurer and Director
Jagannath Kerai Bill Grout Preeti Verma
Gary Armstrong Chuck Stephens Deanne Aronson Harjit Sohpaul
Anne Johnson Sunil Rao Wendy Thayer
Board Secretary    
Sunil Rao