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Letter 21

Hi Ishwar I'm glad to hear you were back. I look forward to seeing you soon. Ishwar there is great intensity in our relationships over here in duality. There are at times a great feeling of aliveness and a sort of anticipation especially in our younger years. Can we feel that aliveness in sach khand and anami? Sometimes it is said by some teachers in spirituality that spirituality is peace and no more and spirituality sort of sounds like a consolation prize.

Sort of like Buddha said or is interpreted that life is suffering and at least in Buddha realm there is peace. Is spirituality positive of just peace? Thanks Ishwar

Ishwar's Reply


Now for your questions:

1. There is even greater intensity in the relationships at higher levels of Consciousness than on this Physical plane.

2. When Buddha and other Mystics speak of Peace and Tranquility in the Higher Regions that does not mean less intensity of the experience of Love and Devotion.

3. Everything in the world of Duality has been created from the Original version in Higher Regions.

4. Sach Khand and Anami contain everything that can be possibly created.

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 22

I look for your letters all day long .lol I just listened to one of your talks on you tube where you said if the soul who has a PLM wants anything he can have it. You said it must be the soul and not the mind. I have many things that I want. I know they are not all coming from my soul but I believe some are. How do I distinguish which come from the soul and which come from the mind?

Ishwar's Reply


A question or wish that comes spontaneously without thinking is from the soul. What comes by thinking about it is from the mind!

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 23

1.What is the difference between mental projection and astral projection?

2. Can I see the future or the past when astral traveling?

3. Can I see you in real time I mean where you are and what you are doing at that moment when astral travel?

4. Can I heal someone during astral projection?

5. Can I communicate with someone during astral projection, with a person that is not projecting.

6. Some people says that they can have sex in astral body, does the other person remembers what happen like dream?

6a. If in astral body I go the akashic records and I want to learn a new language can I do it, or medicine or anything? Will I remember everything when I come back? I know this is a lot but I hope I get some answers.

Thanks master....

Ishwar's Reply

1. Mental projection takes place at the Causal level and is a function of the mind.Astral projection takes place at the Astral level and is a function of the Sensory system.

2. The future and the past can be seen in full at the Causal plane where the Akashik Records are stored. The Astral plane can give a few glimpses of the future.

3. No not necessarily!

4. You can heal some one at the Astral plane if you have prepared the healing desired at the Physical plane. Such healing does involve taking the Karma of the person healed.

5. You can communicate with another person who is also in the Astral plane. For one who is not in the Astral plane a feeling will come that somebody is trying to communicate but not more than that!

6. All activities are possible in the Astral plane but memory fades away on return to the Physical plane in order to reinforce the reality of the Physical plane.

6a. One can learn any language or skill at the Astral plane but this knowledge fades away on return to the Physical plane to reinforce the reality of the Physical plane.


Letter 24

Radha soami, Sir can you please tell me about what does a soul look like?

Ishwar's Reply

The soul does not have any shape or form of its own. It can however manifest in any and every form! The soul is a unit of Consciousness with power to experience any and all things and events.

Ishwar Puri

Letter 25

Sir I like to do bajan simran but which simran (words) should be repeats during meditation.

Ishwar's Reply

The best Simran is the Words a Perfect Living Master gives at the time of Initiation. Short of that one can repeat any short phrase that expresses love and devotion for the Lord!

Ishwar Puri

Letter 26

Is Ishwar Puri Ji a Perfect Living Master?

Ishwar's Reply

First of all I do not claim to be a Master nor do I Initiate any one. I am doing what I believe to be Seva to my Master as best as I have understood His Instructions. In that sense I am merely a humble servant of my Master, and thank God a million times for that opportunity or opportunity for any kind of Seva for a Master, but not a Master myself.

Further I am not aware of any Will or written document by which my Master, Great Master Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji, was appointed a Master nor am I aware of any such document appointing my Master's Master, Baba Jaimal Singh Ji as a Master.
Each seeker must seek and be found by his Master. Our Master is one who pulls us from within with His unconditional love which is hard to resist inspite of our mind's frantic efforts to do so.

And if a Master is not a Perfect Living Master He can still help us to go as far as He has gone. And if our seeking continues beyond where a Master has taken us we will definitely be found by a Master who will take us beyond.

These are the teachings of the Great Master Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji !

I also feel the Spiritual Path is a very personal affair between a Master and his disciple. Each disciple progresses on this Path at his own pace depending upon several factors like his Karma his opportunity for being close to the Master his level of meditation etc.

It would be wise for us to take full advantage of the Grace of a Master and speed up our progress on the Path instead of worrying about the speed of other people's progress.

Ishwar Puri

Letter 27

What are the requirements to get initiated?

Ishwar's Reply

Preliminary requirements are . the earnest desire to seek (for God or Master). Being on Vegetarian diet . no meat, fish, seafood, poultry, or eggs. No alcohol, drugs, or smoking. Willingness to do meditation for two and a half hours each day.

Letter 28

When can one get initiated?

Ishwar's Reply

The Great Master.s Initiation is granted when He determines the seeker is ready for it. The Initiations take place once a year on Bhandara day, April 2nd.

Letter 29

Should the meditation be always half simran and half shabd?

Ishwar's Reply

Simran is a preparation for Shabad! In the beginning one should do more Simran followed by short time on Shabad ( for example two hours of Simran followed by half an hour of Shabad).

As Shabad becomes stronger less time can be given to Simran and more to Shabad. Eventually Shabad alone is enough to take us to Higher Realms of Consciousness.

Letter 30

I have a question of Karma. In Your book "The Anatomy of Consciousness", You state that once a PLM initiates us, He liberates us from the Law of Karma. The only karma that remains is mock karma. My question, Master, was does an initiated individual who commits a certain crime or good deed receive the same karmic punishment or reward after he dies and goes in the astral plane from the Master as he would from Dharam Rai?

Ishwar's Reply

When a Perfect Living Master Initiates someone Dharam Rai gets out of the way. The Master decides if a further life is needed or not and also fixes appropriate events in that life so that the learning process continues.

Ishwar Puri