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Letter 41

If you can't experience anything but you just sit there for meditation just because your master told you to do so and you have strong believe that your master is a perfect living master and you believe that whatever he says is true what do you call this, a blind faith and or what?

Ishwar's Reply

Yes that would be considered blind faith!

Ishwar Puri

Letter 42

1. Lets say someone got initiation in the last life, and went through stars, moon and sun as an inner experience and saw the radiation form of the master.If in the present life that person was initiated again from a PLM. What is the experience inside now? Does he or she need to go again through the stages of stars, moon and sun?
2. You talked about dissolution/free will. As I understood, all what we experience here is preordered, we picked up a "CD" and we got endless past life.s (we never had) and endless future life.s (we never created).
First: From where did the souls come from at that time, as they picked up the CD ? Are this "new" souls, coming from Sach Khand ?...or are this "old" souls hanging around since the last dissolution, waiting for the new adventure...the "CDs" in the new creation?
3. Are the number of souls, playing the game on the 3 planes, always the same, or is it like this, that they will go one day to Sach Khand, and other souls from there will come to make the adventure for themselves ?
4. Has God created the duality of pairs, pain-pleasure, and so on, only to give the ground to experience the opposite of no duality? Do the souls in Sach Khand no know, or do they have no awareness of their bliss ,happiness beauty and harmony their? Is it so, that a creation of duality was necessary, to experience the other option of NO-duality in Sach Khand?
5. Lets go back to the CDs again.....from where do they come from...are this totally new created life.s from the Totality of Consciousness? As the dissolution took place, there was nothing left, so from where do the CDs come from? And this CDS....are every and any second in our life.s preordered, any breath we take, any feeling any movement of our body? Is there no space for intervention?....even for the PLMs?...
6. The souls with no PLM on their they life forever in the illusionary planes up to Trikuti, over and over again for eternity? Or do all souls will come home one day as well .
7. You said only about 10 % of the souls got the guarantee to meet a PLM who will bring them home, if the souls dislike the CD-game one day.
8. Is it also preordered at which time we will reach Sach Khand ? Is it also preordered how much we meditate before? How many life.s we need here before we reach Sach Khand, also preordered?
9. If a PLM give us instructions we need to it part of the preordered CD? Or do we have really the possibility to follow this instruction with free will ? How much is preordered?
10. Can we as disciples do anything to please the master to get his grace? Is there really a free space for free will within the game of preordered CDs?
Second set of questions: I have no problem with love and devotion, but its more effort for me to meditate (Simran). I love it to think on you. What can I do to love the Simran as well? Is it a karmic problem?
11. Is it possible to "make" love and devotion?...or is it grace from the master? If so, how can we "do" meditate with love and devotion? or will it come one day by itself?
12. Regarding said all is preordered, so all actions must be preordered, all thoughts, all intentions which lead to Karma, but Karma was given us, how can we change Karma through meditation? Is this the ONLY chance to change the content of the preordered CDs?
13. What about pain as a karmic result? Can we DO anything to reduce it? Taking medicine, going to a hospital....all preordered?

Ishwar's Reply

Here are the answers to your questions:
1. Even if you have seen Stars moon etc. as an Initiate in a past life you have to start afresh in the present life and go through the same course again.
2. All souls in the current Creation came from Sach Khand in two installments and in Dissolution and Grand Dissolution the same souls held in Upper Part of Parbrahm recirculate. Those that have reached Sach Khand do not recirculate unless they wish to.
3. The principle of Duality was created to enhance the experience of Consciousness and applies to all parts of Creation. It is the same as the principle of Pairs of Opposites. When we return home to Sach Khand which is beyond the regions of Duality the principle still applies as it is a region opposite to Duality.
The souls in Sach Khand who never left their home, known as "Bans", enjoy an inherent bliss and joy which is part of Consciousness itself but it is nothing compared to the Bliss and Joy of the returning souls who are known as "Hans"
4. Souls with no PLM on Dissolution stay in the upper part of Trikuti. On Grand Dissolution they stay in Parbrahm.
5. Everything is totally preordained and prescripted. But in human form the script reads as if we are making choices and have free will?. How to please the Master is also prescripted.

Now answers to second set of questions:
1. Love and Devotion is more important than Simran and if you have love and devotion for the Master you need not worry about Simran.
2. If you follow Master's instructions as best as you can Love and Devotion will develop by itself.
3. Changing of Karma by meditation is also preordained and prescripted.
4. Pain and reduction of pain by taking medicine or going to hospital are all preordained!

Letter 43

Its regarding free will: You said in one of your discourses, that on the astral level there is no experience of free will. People will know all in advance. That means they know their total future at any time there? They will know at any second, what they will do next, and know that all is prescripted ?

How can that some books I have studied, people were reporting from the astral plane, and even in those books of the Theosophical literature, I found nothing like beings know their whole life in advance. They act and think like we do here on earth, and they do not know at all, what will happen in a few minutes, or next week.

Its also said in those books, that the beings there will have the option to make progress in the it spiritual development. That.s only possible with the ignorance of the future, and with the illusion of free will, otherwise they cannot make progress, its all prescripted already.

Please let me know, where I have misunderstandings about the subject of free will on the astral and causal plane.

Ishwar's Reply

Let me answer your last question first.

The prescripted versions of our destiny is different on different planes.On the physical plane the prescripted destiny can be altered by divine intervention but such intervention will be already prescripted in the Astral plane. The prescripted life on the Astral plane to which one gets full access and thereby loses the experience of free will can also be altered by Divine Intervention but such Intervention will already be prescripted in the Causal plane. Similarly the Akashik records in the Causal plane can be altered by a Perfect Living Master but such alteration can also be known to a disciple who has crossed the three regions of the mind and gone to Parbrahm.

In Sachkhand everything can be prewritten by a Perfect Living Master as that is the Source of all creation and of all levels of experiences.

Now the other questions:
The game of Creator Creation is a permanent one. As there is no time or space in Sachkhand the term "forever" is redundant there. Hence our mental effort to place events of Sachkhand in a time frame is futile. There is no beginning or ending in Sachkhand! Souls are trapped in different regions for ever. The upper part of Parbrahm is indeed a part of Sachkhand but Mahasunn experienced after Parbrahm is destroyed in the Grand Dissolution along with the Lower part of Parbrahm. The souls trapped in Mahasunn stay dormant in the Upper Part of Parbrahm till fresh wave of Creation in time and space comes into being.
If one has love and devotion it is not necessary to see and cross the sun and the moon and the stars. One can cross that region blind folded.

The two Wills I mention are to distinguish between mental will and Intuitive will on the Physical plane. It is just a way of avoiding the creation of more Karma by sticking to Intuitive Will. It also helps in clarity of mind and a smoother life.

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 44

I am initiated in Sant Mat since 7 years. I am also professor like you, but I must say I am not so positive about Path like you are. Maybe due to I am not born as Indian. My life after is compose with depression, accidents, divorces and very difficult material life. No money etc...So I am loosing faith in Master and Path as on start.....Please do reply me what is your comment about these...

Ishwar's Reply

Many difficulties and adversities in life come from our own actions of past lives. These heavy Karmas sometimes make it difficult to meditate and get all the advantages of the Spiritual Path. In fact with so many painful experiences the mind cannot have much faith in the Path. So we get into a catch 22 situation where we need faith to have spiritual experiences and spiritual experiences to build faith. My suggestion in all such cases is go to your Master, explain the situation and ask for GRACE! and more GRACE!

Ishwar Puri

Letter 45

Sir, pardon me if I go harsh in words, but if there is such a illusion of Sachkhand at very place inside, and person can.t himself judge at what place he.s actually, then how can you say that the place you are talking about is actually Sachkhand?

Ishwar's Reply

I am very happy someone has asked a very good question. When one ascends different levels of Consciousness which are like different levels of Creation, each one looks like the final one and so a disciple on his own cannot go any further and considers that state to be Sach Khand our True Home. If his Master has gone no further he will also declare it as Sach Khand. A Perfect Living Master who has Himself Realised the true Sach Khand will urge and carry his disciple to the fifth level of Real Sach Khand. The distinction between different levels can only be truly seen from above.

But it can be explained to some extent by understanding the nature of Time (called Kal in Hindi) which is totally different at different stages. In the physical world we take time for granted as something that must exist for any experience to take place and is uniformly moving in one direction creating a past, present and future framework which we consider as inevitable and permanent ! Here we cannot stop time and freeze events. In the next higher plane called the Astral plane (Suksham avastha) we can do so.

Hence the experience is entirely different. In the next higher plane we call the Causal plane (Karan avastha) time moves in both directions and so the experiences there, which is the true home of the Individuated Mind and of all Akashik records which constitute all possible permutations and combinations of destinies in any form in the three worlds of Time (Kal), are entirely different. Above that in the state of the Soul or Individuated Consciousness (Arma) which is beyond and above the Mind there is no Time as we know it but a state of Timelessness from which Time is created for the lower levels, a state we call Parbrahm, that is beyond Brahm the Creator of the three universes of Time. Sach Khand our True Home is above and beyond Parbrahm and totally beyond intellectual or mental comprehension! The human mind can only function in time and space so the experience (which itself is now not a very correct word) in Sach Khand is of Pure Totality of Consciousness where Oneness and Manyness become the same.

Only a Perfect Living Master who has attained that state can take his Initiates there. Indeed His guaranteed promise at the time of
Initiation makes it certain that He will take us there. If we follow the instructions of a Perfect Living Master we can achieve that state in this life time of ours.

Ishwar Puri

Letter 46

There is one thing that I can not reconcile, perhaps you can answer. When a Master of truth leaves the body, where does this leave the disciple?

Is the contact broken, is the disciple on his own, who supports his effort? Does he just carry on with what he can remember, where does he go for help and support?
The Master takes out a contract on the disciple to take him to Sach Kand, but now the contract seems dead. Where does the disciple turn?

Ishwar's Reply

When a Perfect Living Master Initiates a disciple, who is on his last life on the physical plane, He establishes a permanent relationship that never breaks even if the Initiate takes thousands of physical years to reach Sach Khand.

The Radiant Astral Form of that Master remains with the Initiate for ever. If this is not the last life of the Initiate and he has to have another birth in the physical plane, then the Perfect Living Master in the last life is the One to stay with that disciple for ever. Of course if a disciple has not manifested the Radiant Form of the Master before the Master leaves his body such a disciple can consult any other Perfect Living Master for questions regarding his meditation and any other issues that bother him.

Letter 47

I have a question about consciousness that.s been bugging me for a while now, maybe you can help educate me :) How does a rock reincarnate into an ant or something of the sort, if a rock sits there all day like every other rock. Is it because it doesn't act like every other rock? Also, if an apple is a consciousness, if you split the apple in two, is there two conscious beings now?

Ishwar's Reply

A rock does not have active Consciousness like all living things have. A rock has passive Consciousness which means because the observer is Conscious the rock comes into existence.

An apple does not have a separate Consciousness. It participates in the Consciousness of the Apple tree. Once plucked from the tree it becomes the subject of Passive Consciousness. Splitting the apple does not make a difference. Active Consciousness of any living form requires a soul. Passive Consciousness does not require a soul but becomes a form because of the soul of the observer. Sounds too complicated? Perhaps it is!

Ishwar Puri

Letter 48

Do we regularly go into the astral plane when we sleep, or is it another more physical level of consciousness that we enter. I seem to have very lucid dreams where I go to beautiful places and speak to my departed loved ones. Is it easy to go to astral plane in sleep, or must we do it more through meditation through the guidance of PLM?

Ishwar's Reply

There are dreams in monocolor (shades of buff color) which are a visual experience of previous wakeful events. Then there are dreams in subdued colors which often pick up images buried in the sub-conscious mind, very often those we have tried to forget. Then there are dreams of past memories, sometimes very remote past memories from the Sub-Astral region of Consciousness. Then, rarely though, are dreams of a prophetic nature which can give a glimpse of what is to come in the future.

Finally there are beautiful very colorful dreams from the Astral plane. All these experiences look like dreams because when we are awake we regard the wakeful state to be the only reality!

Ishwar Puri

Letter 49

Thanks a bunch for your great (and helpful) videos. I am in the midst of changing my diet and as u know, Eggs are an excellent source of protein (and omelet is my weakness) will it be ok for me to still at least eat eggs, while I am on my "vegetarian" path? I am in the midst of having a lifestyle change (I have started meditating, exercising and have given up meat/poultry...though continue to eat eggs). Please let me know as your insight will be very helpful! If you feel that eating eggs will hinder my spiritual growth, then I will certainly consider giving it up as well! Thanks much and God Bless :)

Ishwar's Reply

The food we eat affects our power to concentrate our attention. This happens through our subconscious associations with different images we have built in. The eggs create the image of something producing chicks and chicken.

Hence I have always advised serious meditators to avoid eating eggs as part of their vegetarian regimen. Other items of dairy like milk and milk products are O.K.

Letter 50

At this present moment i am doing japa , have started to move from the movement of the tongue to closing the mouth and saying the mantra. Would like guidance as to how do we now teach the mind to say it but also then watch the mind doing the japa. There are moments now while doing the japa I stop and there seems to be no need to carry on but sitting for a few seconds in silence. Please guide.

Ishwar's Reply

Meditate with eyes closed, feeling that you are behind your physical eyes, allow the mind to think randomly and then listen to those thoughts and watch any associated images that come up with those random thoughts, smile at what you are watching and you will begin to discover you are not the mind but an observer and user of this "thinking" device called the mind! After some practice you will be able to direct the mind to think what YOU want it to think and the mind will become your servant and not your master.