#23 – July 9, 2017 – Construction Update!

Dear Friends,
ISHA’s team of volunteer construction planners has postponed the start of work until mid July, due to a delay in being able to move the heavy equipment onto the site in Wisconsin. If all goes well, excavation work will begin on July 15, and proceed for about 10 days. At the end of that time, the building site on ISHA Hill will be leveled to its final grade, and the basement and foundation will be fully dug out. The next phase of work will commence in early August, to install the concrete forms and rebar supports.
We don’t yet have enough volunteers to cover the time from July 15 – 25.  Volunteers who can work construction in the summer heat are needed, as well as support sevadars who would prefer to work in food service and other support roles.
Here’s what potential volunteers need to know:
1) If you would like to volunteer for any time this summer, please send an email to: isha.seva@gmail.com.  Include your name, phone number, address, the dates that you are available, and any construction-related skills you may have.
2) Although ISHA was hoping to be able to provide lodging for all sevadars, that will not be possible this summer. Instead, volunteers will need to arrange their own housing. Some local sevadars have offered camping space, plus ISHA has arranged special rates at the two hotels in Bruce:
Mirr’s Gateway Motel (for ISHA rate of $45 per night, speak to Mike Mirr)
(715) 868-2015
625 N Main Street, Bruce, WI 54819
MacArthur Hotel (rates from $25 to $35 per night)
(715) 868-2625
126 W Railroad Ave, Bruce, WI 54819
3) Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack will be provided, including coffee/tea twice a day. 
4) Construction workers are asked to bring their own safety boots and glasses, if possible. Other safety equipment will be provided.
5) ISHA wishes to let you know that it has secured excess medical coverage for volunteers. Excess medical coverage will cover any gaps in your own medical coverage, if any (such as deductible or maximum limit), or if you don’t have medical coverage – up to $25,000 – if you are injured while volunteering.
6) All volunteers are required to sign a waiver of liability, meaning that volunteers assume all risks involved with volunteering and that they will hold ISHA harmless if an accident or injury occurs while volunteering. 
Let’s all work together to make Ishwar’s dream come true! If you can’t do construction seva in Wisconsin, please consider making a recurring donation of any amount to the Building Fund, at https://ishanews.org/ishwarsprojects2/ishwar-on-seva/.  Any seva is great seva!
With Warmest Regards,
Paul Bauer
Chair of ISHA Building & Fund-Raising Committee
Photos of Ishwar visiting the construction site in June of 2016 as the land on ISHA Hill was being cleared under the guidance of project general superintendent Gilbert Garrett: