Ishwar Ji on Seva

In this 2013 video, Ishwar Ji recommends an appropriate level of seva for his construction project



Transcript of the Video

Ishwar:   “You know we, I have said at some times, that when we do Seva, Seva is of three kinds. Seva with money, Seva with your body, Seva with your mind. And Seva with money I said is confined to 10% of your regular income that you get, your net income that you get. At one time I used to say it regularly, and I used to say give to any charity that you want, it is a good thing to do that Seva, it is good for you. I can now direct it specifically to this project [the Conference Center project in Bruce, Wisconsin], and say that, Seva that they save up 10% of net income would be a good Seva, money Seva for this project. And that I think will be easy. 10% of net income is easy for people to do. Many of them want to do it already, but as he says there is no format available for them. To put it and say this is how we can do it. We’ll do that.”

Audience member:   “We get so much more than we give. It’s amazing! It’s absolutely phenomenal!”

Ishwar:   “I know!”

If you would like to put into effect Ishwar’s Seva guidance, a form for recurring PayPal donations has been set up to make this easier.

Excerpt from a letter written by Baba Sawan Singh in 1937 to an American follower:
“I am pleased that you are getting together a fine group of seekers on the Path of Sant Mat in your section of the country. May that number increase, for the foundation must be laid in America for a very Great work. That country is to make great advances in spiritual things, leading the whole world of Western civilization. You who are in the vanguard now are doing a greater work for humanity and especially for America than you perhaps fully realize. Large numbers there are simply waiting for the matter to be properly presented to them. The inner preparation has been made. When the Western World has accepted the Science of the Masters as their inner guide to all that is worthwhile, then a new civilization must spring up. A new age must be born.”