#83 – April 30, 2019 – A Rose Garden!

Dear Friends,
The first planting of the year in the ISHA Wisconsin dera garden was four rose bushes. Roses are one of the most beautiful, traditional, and fragrant flowers that can be planted in a garden. Our rose garden was planted in the circle where the ornamental corn was planted last summer, using the same four compass directions that were used for positioning the corn. In the center of the rose garden will be a small fountain with a solar bubbler, and three rings of annual flowers. 
These hardy shrub roses — which were purchased from a local greenhouse — were selected for their suitability for ISHA’s first rose garden, principally due to their hardiness, height, and color. The four colors chosen were selected to coincide with the colors of the seasons. 
     The  Morden Blush Rose was placed in the east, representing spring.
     The Morden Fireglow Rose was planted in the south, representing summer. 
     The Campfire Rose was placed in the west, representing fall. 
     The Purple Pavement Rose was planted in the north, representing winter. 
Morden Blush Rose. This floriferous (produces many flowers) and long-blooming rose is adorned with beautiful, pointed buds of ivory and blush. The blooms open to lightly fragrant, high-centered blooms that are blush-pink in the centers before fully fading to ivory as they mature. 
Morden Fireglow Rose. This stunning, hardy rose displays an unusual, orange-red color. Fireglow is well suited for northern Wisconsin, and the big buds promise large blooms on a vigorous, rounded plant. Deep green foliage covers the long stems.
Campfire Rose. This lovely rose has exceptional hardiness combined with dramatic blooms and bright glossy foliage. Shapely buds with yellow and red tones open to semi-double flowers of yellow, edged in a deep, rosy pink. As the season progresses, the pink edging becomes more prominent and produces an incredible smoldering blend of yellow and deep pink blooms that continue until frost. 
Purple Pavement Rose. This rose exhibits large, ruffled blossoms with a  purple-red color and a strong, spicy fragrance. In the fall, the blossoms give way to large, handsome rose hips, and the foliage turns from green to shades of yellow and maroon. This shapely shrub with dependable repeat bloom is especially good for a late display
Volunteers are digging the holes for the rose garden. Does anyone else think that they chose their shirts that day to match the colors of the flowers?
Here the volunteer gardeners are adding nutrients to the soil.
The little, bare-root roses are undoubtedly happy in their new home!
The baby rose plants are well mulched, and the water fountain is set in the middle. Now we wait!
Stay tuned for more dera news soon!
With warmest regards,
Paul Bauer
Chair of ISHA Building & Fund-Raising Committee