#9 — July 19, 2016 — A Call to Serve, From the General Superintendent!

This is the third installment of part of a long letter to Ishwar Puri from the General Superintendent of the ISHA Meeting Hall construction project, Gilbert Garrett. The letter was written after completing a two-week campaign of earthwork activities from June 7 to June 17.

“Ishwar has asked me to PUSH ON!!!! So with that directive in mind, I will ask you to come and PUSH ON with me. Any initial PUSH will require money. As I have already stated, we have enough money to start the Second Campaign. We don’t have enough money in the Building Fund to start the Third Campaign.
Scheduling both Campaigns 2 and 3 will insure that all of our improvements during construction are protected from the harsh Wisconsin winter. With these thoughts, give what you can afford to give freely – with love and devotion.
Now on to the most important gift. Yes, I said The Most Important Gift. A gift that is more important than money? YES! I have come to realize the gift that is so much more important than money – the gift of giving ones self freely.
Let me share my experience with this gift of giving of ones self freely. When one gives of themselves freely, not knowing that in the gift of giving of ones self freely, you receive more than you give. Also, your gift will automatically be multiplied freely. Expecting to give, not knowing your gift will be multiplied, not knowing that you will receive anything back, and not knowing that the gift is multiplied by grace. This spiritual gift of giving of ones self freely is what happens when you give all, expecting to receive nothing. I have seen this in another. (I will expand on this later). God knows and recognizes a gift given freely. His omnipresent power is wanting and waiting for each one to give freely of themselves so that his grace is granted and multiplied and shown to each as God’s approval of our unselfish act. Giving freely of ones self is an act of surrender unparalleled by any other gift. Its reward is multiplied grace.
Grace will come to each one in its own special package – delivered personally and chosen to suit each ones needs exactly. Humbling is the word I choose. However, it can not start to describe all this experience will bring you. You will be humbled, broken, amazed, and exhausted all at once. Even this does not describe what it will do to you. You will also experience in others their special portion of grace. Their grace will flow through you and their grace is multiplied in you and yours is multiplied in them. This multiplication of grace is extended to your creative and productive output. Fear has no place in this experience. Fear cannot survive where grace abounds. This positive energy multiplied results in great things being accomplished. As you witness these things of greatness happening all around you, you suddenly realize that you are not doing anything. It happens effortlessly. However, just to let us know we are a part of this experience, we may be tired, we may be sore, we may even be hungry. But much more than that, we are in awe of all that has been accomplished. So much accomplished with so few. So much accomplished with so little money spent. How can this be? We find ourself looking at each other in awe. Knowing that only by Grace being extended can one witness so much being accomplished with so little. To be chosen to witness these great acts of grace, is awesome, inspiring and miraculous. This experience alone will rejuvenate and invigorate your very being.
In summary, give what you can afford freely or give nothing at all monetarily. At any cost give ALL of ones self freely. Come and see the miracle, witness in yourself the greatness of God’s Grace extended to you. Save a little to come and experience this with us, and when you come expect nothing at all. Knowing ALL is in you and with you – each one of us. If you think you’re too young, it’s for you. If you think you’re too busy, it’s for you. If you think you’re too old, it’s for you. If you think you’re too sick, it’s for you. For in this, the greatest of sacrifices, giving of ones self freely, you will find the greatest miracle of ALL – the God that is in you! His grace is more than sufficient to do all that we need. That God that is in each of us will even become the Great Master that will lead each of us back to our true home. The Great Master who will find each of us knows ALL we need. By Great Master’s grace multiplied, we are found perfect.
Come to give of yourself freely, giving all that you have of yourself freely. For in this great surrender of giving ALL, ALL will be more than sufficient. Expect nothing, knowing grace will be multiplied upon each one giving ALL.
If you have experience in construction, great. If you have no experience in construction, great. We will train you, and then you will have experience in construction. You can take this new job experience home with you. We have people to train you and work with you safely. We must work safely always.
We have injury waivers you must sign in order to volunteer. There are no insurance coverages available for volunteer labor. Therefore we must ask that you forfeit your right to collect any compensation if injured. Come expecting to work in a safe manner, knowing the possibility to be injured is always around in construction.”

The General Superintendent confers with the Master Inspector at the ISHA Meeting Hall construction site.