#8 — July 17, 2016 — Upcoming Construction Campaigns!

This is the second installment of part of a long letter to Ishwar Puri from the General Superintendent of the ISHA Meeting Hall construction project, Gilbert Garrett. The letter was written after completing a two-week campaign of earthwork activities from June 7 to June 17.

“During the second campaign, we will focus on the building’s foundations and basement construction. As the work of digging the foundations and pouring the concrete has started, the balance of the site earthwork and storm drainage system will also be finished – as man power and equipment are available. Scheduling and forecasting the amount of money needed will become a priority. The estimated time frame for completing the foundation and basement work – along with the balance of the site work – will take four weeks. The cost for this work is estimated at $100,000. An additional $100,000 is also required for architect and engineer’s fees.

The third campaign should happen right after the second campaign is finishing up. During the third campaign, the building will be “dried in.” This means that the roof is completed along with the doors, windows, roughed-in plumbing, air conditioning system, and electrical work in place. This portion of the work is crucial in order to maintain the structural integrity of the foundation and building components. This phrase of the work will require a minimum of 16 to 25 weeks and cost approximately $650,000.

The fourth campaign involves completing the interior and exterior finishes. The time frame and cost associated with the fourth campaign will be estimated after the building design is completed and finishes are selected.
• Building finishes – interior and exterior
• Set fixtures and cabinets
• Seating

The fifth campaign will consist of:
• Paving, grading and backfill curbed and all green areas
• Landscaping and landscape features
• Installation of sprinkler systems
• Final clean up and testing of all systems
Again, the budget and time will be dictated by building design and available money.

We have funds available to begin the Second Campaign. However, timing is critical. When we have the permits in hand, our team will evaluate the amount of time left in the current work season and set a schedule in place that allows enough time to complete the necessary work to insure that the work completed will be safe from the harsh Wisconsin winter season. In short, money spent on the building must be completed to a point where the harsh winter won’t negatively affect the quality of our finished product. If we can’t protect the structure from the weather, we will stop work until the next work season. All these issues must be considered in order to control cost and insure a quality product at completion.”

Heavy equipment and sevadars at work on the ISHA Meeting Hall parking lot.