#10 — July 20, 2016 — Sevadars On Site!

This is the fourth, and final, installment of part of a long letter to Ishwar Puri from the General Superintendent of the ISHA Meeting Hall construction project, Gilbert Garrett. The letter was written after completing a two-week campaign of earthwork activities from June 7 to June 17. A number of volunteers assisted with the construction work. Most were local to the Bruce area, although some traveled from other states to participate in the historic campaign. Gilbert writes about one of these sevadars:

“I would offer this example of our first volunteer to come from a distance.
He called me and said, “I want to volunteer as a laborer. I work in an office and have very little experience.” I said, “Come and we will find something for you to do.” He was so excited and willing to work, how could I say no? My mind said, don’t come. You work in an office. You don’t know ticks, bugs, mosquitoes, outside heat or cold. But he comes willing to work. Yes, I said, willing to work and work he did. He worked exceedingly well the first day, the second day, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth day. On the seventh day he quit at noon since he had a plane to catch. He left with just enough time to catch his plane. For six days he installed silt fence with five other sevadars. He worked and worked and cooked and cooked and worked. On the seventh day his sore, tired body was transformed into a heavy equipment operator. He ran a Caterpillar 223 Excavator moving dirt. An operator was needed. He volunteered. Now he is a heavy equipment operator-in-training. Who knows, maybe he will find some dirt to move in his office when he returns. He left renewed, rejuvenated and sore, but he was refreshed.
His experience of surrendering ALL also refreshed, rejuvenated, and renewed my sprit. Now I am sold on this process of surrendering ALL. Every day that I freely choose to surrender ALL, I will be in great anticipation of ALL that I may experience on this path back to our true home.
For whatever choices you make, May the grace of the Great Master be with you and in you on your path back to our true home!
Blessing be with you also!”

Three photos of sevadars at work. Click on photos to see full resolution.