#98 – July 16, 2019 – Well, A Water Well!

Dear Friends,

While Ishwar’s team for the ISHA Meeting Hall Dome is working to finalize the building design, other volunteers have been busy on a variety of projects on the Dera property. The principal task is construction of the Maintenance Shed & Greenhouse that is located near the Garden. The Maintenance Shed, the Greenhouse, and the Garden will all require a water supply, so ISHA recently installed a new water well. The well will also supply water to a new Bathroom/Laundry facility that is now being planned, and will be completed over the next two months.
The well drilling was amazingly successful, and we now have a reliable source of fresh water for all of these projects!
Here are some photos of the well drilling.
The drillers and their truck arrive on a gorgeous Wisconsin summer day.
The well is located just east of the Maintenance Shed & Greenhouse.

Well drilling is a highly specialized profession. The drillers have vast experience safely operating complex machinery, as well as an understanding of the local geology and groundwater hydrology.

The same company also completed our highly successful well on top of ISHA Hill in 2015, which will supply water to Ishwar’s Meeting Hall Dome.
The operators collect samples of the geologic strata that they are drilling through.
Here, the well has reached an outstanding aquifer, and water is gushing out of the hole. Volunteers had previously installed tarps and ditches to redirect water and sand away from the ISHA garden.
The drillers collect a sample of the well water to send to a laboratory for a water-quality analysis.
After the drillers depart, ISHA is the owner of a fine well, which will soon be pumping water to our garden and buildings.
With warmest regards,
Paul Bauer
Chair of ISHA Building & Fund-Raising Committee