#73 – December 7, 2018 – Ready for Winter!

Dear Friends,
The last construction project of the year on Ishwar’s building site in Wisconsin was to winterize the partially built Maintenance Shed & Greenhouse.
This part of Wisconsin is renowned for its winter storms, and it’s not uncommon to have six or more feet of snow on the ground. So, volunteers needed to protect the wooden building itself, and the construction materials that are stored inside the building.
Because there was only time to cover one outside wall with permanent metal siding, the team had to use other materials to temporarily seal the other three walls.
The first task was to move all of the lumber and metal panels into the building, and then sort them and stack them neatly so that they can be easily removed in the spring.
Next, some extra wooden roofing sheets (called OSB) were screwed onto the front (north side) of the building, across where the garage doors will be installed next year. Then, the volunteers draped the huge roof tarp over the east side of the building and fastened it with boards and screws.
It began to snow while the team was fastening the tarp.
And, lastly, sheets of clear plastic were cut to fit the southern side of the shed. The greenhouse area was left uncovered.
The shed is ready for the winter!
And the materials being stored inside the shed will stay dry and protected for the next several months.
Several storms have already dropped light accumulations of snow on the Bruce construction site. Here are three, gorgeous, recent evening photos of the ISHA Shed, illuminated only by the new lamp post.
Tracks in the snow.
View across the hibernating garden to the greenhouse.
With warmest regards,
Paul Bauer
Chair of ISHA Building & Fund-Raising Committee