#39 – November 2, 2017 – When the Dome is Finished!

Dear Friends,
The ISHA website (ishanews.org) is again fully operational, and so the Construction Chronicles Blog has been called back from its extended vacation.  The Blog apologizes for its absence, but wants you to know that it is feeling well rested, and is ready to return to work in service to our beloved Ishwar.
Today, there are two items of interest concerning the ISHA Meeting Hall dome construction project in Wisconsin.
Firstly, donations have just reached the $800,000 mark!  Hooray!  And, many thanks to all who have contributed.  The project has been active now for 5 years, so the donations average out to $160,000 per year.  According to our architect, the total cost of the project is $2,800,000 (although we expect that the total will be reduced somewhat as Ishwar’s friends will volunteer to perform construction seva). 
Secondly, a few words on the profound significance of the future completion of the Dome.  Ishwar has recently stated that when the Dome is finished, he will dedicate it as the “Dera Baba Sawan Singh,” and that he will then give discourses in the building.  In addition — and very importantly for all of us — he has stated that upon its completion, he will be living in Bruce, Wisconsin much of the time, and will be giving satsang nearly every day for anyone who can attend.  So, the sooner the Dome is finished, the sooner we can all be with Ishwar on a daily basis! 
Many people have chosen to sign up for an automatic, recurring donation through PayPal, for whatever amount they can afford. This provides a dependable revenue stream for the project, which greatly helps the construction team with its planning efforts.
That’s all for today.  Later in the week, the Blog will feature the kitchen that is planned for the Dome.
With warmest regards,
Paul Bauer
Chair of ISHA Building & Fund-Raising Committee