#27 – July 22, 2017 – The Shed!

Dear Friends,
One of the first jobs undertaken by the Dome sevadars was to build an open shed near the Dome site. This simple wooden shed will be used for things such as: resting in the shade during work breaks; eating lunch; the daily morning safety meeting; and as the first aid station. For our highly motivated volunteers, this job was only an easy warm up!  Here are a few shots of the shed project.
Attaching the roof joists onto the shed.
Installing the plywood roof on the shed.
Fastening the waterproof roofing paper onto the shed roof.
Taking a well-deserved break under the nearly finished shed.
Painting the shed.
Now that’s a fine-looking shed!  
With Warmest Regards,
Paul Bauer
Chair of ISHA Building & Fund-Raising Committee