About Ishwar Ji’s Projects

Over the years, Ishwar Ji has spoken of the fond memories he has for the Dera in India, born of his personal experiences with the Great Master along the Beas River in northern India. He has related stories of weary travelers who came from afar for a glimpse of the Great Master. Great Master himself blessed the Dera by recommending it be named for his own Master, Baba Jamal Singh. A Dera has always represented an oasis and retreat from the cares and stresses of our everyday busy lives – a place where we can gather in pursuit of the most important spiritual aspects of our lives, and have our own personal experience.

Ishwar Ji has often spoken fondly of his desire to build such a center in honor of his Master, Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji, and we are delighted to report that under the sponsorship of ISHA, Ishwar Ji’s project is well underway. Located in Bruce, Wisconsin, USA, along the Chippewa River, the current plan consists of two stages of development. Stage 1 involves construction of the ISHA Meeting Hall, a 400-seat dome on top of ISHA Hill, plus a kitchen and dining hall that will seat 200 people. Stage 2, the ISHA Conference Center, is planned as a much larger building with a great auditorium, dining hall, and large commercial kitchen. The multi-year project is to be funded entirely by voluntary contribution . Please browse these Web pages to learn more about this blessed project, and if you would like to be notified of progress on the building, and of Seva opportunities, you can subscribe to the Construction Chronicles blog on this page https://ishanews.org/ishwarsprojects2/the-construction-chronicles/.


Excerpt from a letter written by Baba Sawan Singh in 1937 to an American follower:

“I am pleased that you are getting together a fine group of seekers on the Path of Sant Mat in your section of the country. May that number increase, for the foundation must be laid in America for a very Great work. That country is to make great advances in spiritual things, leading the whole world of Western civilization. You who are in the vanguard now are doing a greater work for humanity and especially for America than you perhaps fully realize. Large numbers there are simply waiting for the matter to be properly presented to them. The inner preparation has been made. When the Western World has accepted the Science of the Masters as their inner guide to all that is worthwhile, then a new civilization must spring up. A new age must be born.”