The ISHA Meeting Hall
The ISHA Meeting Hall will be a fantastic, energy-efficient, 72-foot-wide wooden Dome that gathers natural light through windows and a circular skylight. It will be built on the 10-acre “ISHA Hill” property that fronts the Chippewa River in Bruce, Wisconsin, USA. The Dome has been designed to provide comfortable seating for 400 people attending Ishwar Ji’s discourses and will also be suitable for other types of gatherings. Attached to the exterior of the Dome auditorium will be Ishwar Ji’s office, ISHA workspace, a conference room, and rest rooms. A full basement will contain a commercial kitchen, a dining hall that will seat 200, a family room, storage space, and more rest rooms. The landscaping plan calls for a covered patio, lots of private outdoor seating, meditation areas, and gardens.

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