#31 – July 29, 2017 – Cutting and Filling!

Dear Friends,
Moving dirt is time consuming, expensive, and requires heavy equipment. Therefore, the engineering plan for the excavation on ISHA Hill was carefully designed so that the amount of dirt that is removed from the Hill is equivalent to the dirt that is needed to raise other parts of the site. In other words, the cutting plus the filling of dirt equals zero. Such a strategy minimizes that amount of sand and gravel that might need to be purchased and transported to the site, plus it eliminates the need to have large piles of dirt stored on site at the end of the earthwork.
Some of the dirt that is being removed from the Dome basement hole is being used to level other parts of the hill. However, some of the dirt has been hauled down the driveway to bring up the grade of the driveway.  Here are some action shots of that effort.
The excavator is loading the dump truck.
Fully loaded dump truck heading across the Hill toward the driveway.
Dump truck dumping it’s load on the driveway near the parking lot and highway.
The piles of fill dirt are then spread by the dozer, and compacted by the compactor.
With Warmest Regards,
Paul Bauer
Chair of ISHA Building & Fund-Raising Committee