#13 — July 29, 2016 — Ponds!

Dear Friends,

As part of our stormwater permit with the State of Wisconsin, we need to be able to contain all of the rain and snowmelt that fall on our buildings, roads, and parking lots. The ground surface at both sites is shaped so that water is directed to a number of “infiltration basins” around the edges of the buildings. These basins are shallow, artificial ponds that are designed to capture all of the stormwater and let it slowly soak into the ground. Although our basins will sometimes contain pools of water after storms (no swimming allowed!), they will typically be dry. The infiltration basins are designed to contain all of the runoff from a large storm, but are also designed to allow emergency overflow in extreme rainfall events. Our basins will prevent downstream flooding and erosion, and protect the nearby streams and rivers.

Photo of the large infiltration basin being built along the east edge of the parking lot. Some heavy rainstorms during construction partially filled the pond. A bulldozer and excavator are at work at the far end of the basin. The parking lot is on the far right.

In this later photo, fiber erosion-control blankets have been installed around the parking-lot basin. Eventually, the finished basin will be planted with native grasses and flowers.

This is a photo of an early stage of the construction of one of the two infiltration basins that are required for the ISHA Hill site. This is a view west, to where the Dome will be built at the top of the hill.

With warmest regards,
Paul Bauer
Chair of ISHA Building & Fund-Raising Committee