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Letter 76

You discuss how initiation occurs in the astral plane, because the physical body's lifespan is too short for initiation to be of any use in the physical plane. Presumably,
then, this means that initiates almost always need to re-incarnate into a physical body at least once from the time of their first initiation, and that when they do, they remain
initiated in the astral plane. So any re-peat initiation in the reincarnated body is simply a gesture through which we-- in the physical plane-- become aware that we are initiates.

What I am curious about is the following: Is there a limit to how many times we, as souls that are initiated in the astral plane, return to the physical plane, before the master decides
to takes us back?

On a related note, I've heard after the physical body dies, the master can sometimes have us stay in the astral plane rather than return to the physical plane, and have us meditate
there, but that meditation in the astral plane is more difficult. In what types of circumstances would the master want this for an initiate, and-- assuming what I heard is
correct-- why is meditation more difficult in the astral plane? Can the master ever bring us to the mental plane, rather than the astral plane, to meditate after the physical body
passes, and if so, is it even more difficult to do there?

On another related note, I've heard that the more remembrance and devotion-- including meditation-- that we do now on the physical plane, the easier it is for us when we are
taken back; why is this?

Finally, when the physical body dies, is this one way in which we can "wake up" from the dream of the physical world? Do we become aware of our astral body at that time?

Or are we unaware of anything else until we return to this physical plane in another body-- so that re-birth is akin to the same night of sleep, with two separate dreams back to back,
without waking up in between the dreams?

Thank you Ishwar. As always, I appreciate your time in answering my questions.

Ishwar's Reply

It is true that Initiation by a Perfect Living Master takes place at the Astral plane. How often one returns to the physical plane depends on our attachments to things physical but never exceeds four visits each subsequent visit having less attachment and less load of Pralabhad (Fate) karma.

It is more difficult to meditate in the Astral plane because of greater knowledge of the future, and becomes even more difficult in the Causal plane because of full knowledge of the future in that plane. In that sense it is appropriate to say that "ignorance is bliss"! The Astral plane has two parts, the Upper Astral where you feel the Physical was merely a dream, and the Sub Astral where we get several non-physical experiences but not that of full wakefulness.

Love and regards,

Letter 77

I have read that you are Great Masters disciple and that you are initiated since your 9. Did you meditate from your 9 till now everyday for 2 hours? How did you manage that?

What do you think of masters today? I hope you can say a few words on this theme?

Ishwar's Reply

I am happy to receive your e-mail and to know that you are a follower of the Spiritual Path. I am a disciple of the Great Master Hazoor Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji and have tried
to live by his teachings. Whatever I am doing today is my Seva to my Master. I have been with many Masters in my life and have great respect and reverence for all Masters who
teach that the Way to Truth is within you. All Masters can help you to go up to the level of higher consciousness that they themselves have realized. We must keep meditating with love and devotion till we come in steady contact with the
Radiant Form of the Master. Our true Spiritual journey then starts in the company of the Master who takes us as far as he has gone!

With love and RS greetings to you from Ishwar Puri

Letter 78

If you could advise me on a couple more issues I've been carrying around with me, I would appreciate it.

1. Should I avoid taking any herbal capsules, that are made out of Gelatin?

2. My old friend Martin recently showed up in my life. For years he's been trying to convince me that it is a good idea to be ready for a disaster, have an emergency supply of
foods, a place to hide, a bug out bag, a gun to defend myself etc. Now he believes a polar shift could occur, followed by an ice age, like his master predicted...

Should I do any of his suggested preparations?

Ishwar's Reply

1. If taken for medical reasons you may take the capsules.

2. It is not necessary to make any special preparations for a possible future disaster, like the return of the ice age, as there does not appear to be any imminent threat like that. One
can always keep normal household articles in the house for any shortage one may encounter. The best is to use one's common sense in these matters.

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri

Letter 79
Ishwar's Reply

The negative Power always creates several fake Masters around every Perfect Living Master! The difference in the Real and the fake is discovered when the strong pull by the
unconditional love of the Real Master not only remains steady but grows to an extent that the doubting mind of the seeker cannot resist it inspite of it's skepticism! Often this takes
time. But even Masters who are not Perfect Living Masters perform an important function in taking a genuine seeker towards a Perfect Living Master! A Master can take
you only as far as he has gone and no further. But if the seeker is not satisfied and keeps on seeking eventually a Perfect Living Master finds him.

In sharing these Teachings of the Great Master Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji and a few selected experiences I am only doing Seva for my Master. I carry out His Instructions as best as I can.

Love and regards,
Ishwar Puri