Welcome, friends, to the ISHA Library.

Here you will find a collection of discourses, writings, and videos, by the founder and principle speaker of ISHA, Ishwar C. Puri. Topics that help nourish both the human mind and spirit.

The ISHA Library includes a variety of subjects on spirituality and higher consciousness. Intuition, love, meditation, karma and the human mind are just a few of the many topics available. These collections of talks are compiled from current lectures and workshops, community meetings, and our archival collection dating back to 1970.

Videos include the Minnesota “Sounds of Love” community television series of the early 1980’s, to many recent community events.

Ishwar Ji Live is your direct connection to live stream coverage of many of these community events and workshops. Be sure to check the Ishwar Ji Live site often for event listings and schedules.

We hope you will be inspired to read from the digital book and transcript collections, listen to audio discourses or watch the video presentations. You are welcome to download any or all selections for your personal use.

Please visit our library often as new titles and live streaming events are updated frequently.

Thank you and we wish you well on your journey towards spiritual enlightenment.