Ishwar Puri

Ishwar C. Puri is the founder and principal speaker for the Institute for the Study of Human Awareness, Inc. He has authored many books and other materials on the nature of consciousness and human awareness.  Each of his eloquent lectures is founded upon his own experience and he expresses himself with humility and love as his guide. His topics have included science, art, religion, philosophy, human relations, education, health, human awareness and consciousness.

Ishwar Puri retired from a long service with the Government Services of India to become a citizen of the United States of America. He then attended Harvard University and presently serves as a consultant, board chairman, and senior adviser to a number of corporations worldwide.

Ishwar Puri is a devoted disciple of the Great Master Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji. The Institute for the Study of Human Awareness, Inc. provides a venue by which Ishwar Puri can carry on his work by way of speaking engagements and the dissemination of educational materials.